How does a dop work?

Step 1: Plop the dop

Twist the top counterclockwise to disengage suction cup. Press dop onto a flat, polished surface. Ex. Windows, Mirrors, Tile, Etc.

Step 2: Spin the dop

Twist the top clockwise to create suction. Two full turns will do the trick. Stop turning when you feel resistance.

Step 3: Test

Make sure you have a secure suction by tugging on dop firmly.

Step 4: Mount

Mount your phone by sliding dop ring or Popsocket into the receiver until it clicks into place. 

If you’re using dop ring, you can angle the phone in any direction by twisting the ring hinge towards the direction you want to angle, and adjusting the dop receiver to match.

What will dop stick to?

The dop is made to stick to polished, flat surfaces like mirrors, windows (glass), finished wood, the stainless steel on your refrigerator, some plastics, glossy bathroom or kitchen tile, whiteboards and more. It will not stick to porous, rough, matte, or uneven surfaces. Drywall? Not so much. Lacquered wood? Yes! Play around on different surfaces and you’ll quickly figure out where it works and where it does not

How many times can I plop and re-plop my dop?

The best thing about dop is that you can plop and re-plop as many times as you desire. Because it’s not adhesive, you can you it throughout your day, everyday!

What if my dop doesn’t stick?

Make sure the surface you’re working with is flat and polished to ensure it will stick. The surface also needs to be clean. Dirt and grime will make suction difficult.

The dop is not meant to be permanent, so even on the best surface it may lost suction over time. Here are a few keys to ensure your dop works properly for use over its long life.

1. When not in use, make sure dop is stored with the suction cup disengaged. 

2. If suctioned on a surface for a long time, the dop suction cup may become malformed. To fix, unscrew the dop, take the suction cup out and use your hands to flex the suction cup until it’s flat again.

3. Clean off your dop suction cup with water to make sure there is no dirt getting in the way of a good suction.

Can I order dop and dop ring separately?

You can purchase the dop on its own for $16.95 or the dop kit, which includes dop and dop ring, for $24.99. We do not currently offer the dop ring on its own, but feel free to reach out to hey@thedop.com if there are any issues with your ring. If you purchase the dop on it’s own, you can pair it with your own Popsocket, SpinPops or Nuckees. 

What are dops made of?

A dop is made with ABS Plastic infused with Nylon for increased durability. The suction cup is made with TPU for flexibility and great suction.

What are the dimensions of the dop?

The dop is just under 2.5 inches in diameter and 1.5 inches in height.

What’s unique about dop?

Unlike other mobile accessories in the market, dop is super easy to adhere on any flat, polished surface and can easily be plopped and then re-plopped on a new surface as many times as you desire. You can easily swivel your phone at any angle with the accompanying dop ring. 

What does a dop work with?

You can pair it with our dop ring or your own Popsocket, SpinPops or Nuckees. 

What is a dop ring?

dop ring is the perfect companion as it seamlessly connects to your dop allowing you to easily swivel your phone at any angle. With a 360° turn from the base, and 180° pivot from the ring, the dop ring can also be used as a beautiful phone grip accessory for a secure one-handed grip and sturdy kickstand. Our ring is also compatible with magnetic mounts. It’s pretty much great for everything.

How does a dop ring work?

Adhere the dop ring on the back of your phone case. Slip your finger through the ring for a one-handed grip. Angle the ring portion away from the phone to use as vertical or horizontal kickstand.

To use with dop, slide the dop ring into the top of the dop receiver. To angel your phone make sure the dop ring hinge is swiveled to the direction you want to angel, and the dop mount receiver matches. 

How can I remove my dop ring?

Our dop ring comes with extra strength adhesive to keep your phone safe. To remove, work the adhesive up and away from the phone or case by lifting up from the base. Do not pull the ring itself to remove as this may cause damage. Pro-tip from the founder, use a cloth and butter knife. Position the cloth between the butter knife and phone or case and use the flat edge of the butter knife to lift up on the base. 

How many times can I stick and re-stick my dop ring?

The 3M adhesive is one use only. We provide an extra 3M adhesive in the packaging to apply your ring a second time.

What’s the lifespan of my dop ring?

The dop ring is made of durable components and extra strength adhesive. Send us an email at hey@thedop.com if you have any issues with your ring.

Can I order dop and dop ring separately?

We do not currently offer the dop ring on its own, but you can reach out to us hey@thedop.com if you need help with your ring.

What are dop rings made of?

The dop ring is made of zinc alloy and stainless steel for long life and magnetic mount compatibility.

What are the dimensions of a dop ring?

The dop ring is low profile at 0.125 inches high, with a total diameter of 1.5 inches.

What's unique about dop ring?

The dop ring has a sleek, low-profile design in a high quality, metallic and matte finish. Not only does it work with dop, but it functions as a secure one-handed grip, vertical and horizontal kickstand, and it’s magnetic mount compatible. Already have a magnetic phone mount installed in your car? Great! The dop ring will most likely work great with it.

What will my dop ring stick to?

The dop ring will adhere to most smart devices and cases. For smart device that are made of anti-fingerprint, oleophobic glass (iPhone 8 and above), use the included anti-fingerprint disc. Simply adhere the disk to the glass surface first, and then add our dop ring on top of the disc.

*We do NOT RECOMMEND using the 3M adhesive on silicone, TPU, or leather.

What does a dop ring work with?

The dop ring works with most smart devices and cases...and really, whatever you can adhere it to.