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dop - Portable Phone Mount KIT

dop portable phone mount with microfiber carry bag + dop ring

The dop KIT makes creating and watching content a whole new (and better) experience. Suction the dop phone mount to flat, polished surfaces like mirrors, windows, tile, etc. Then insert your dop ring and position your smartphone at any angle. No adhesive. Just good, strong suction. On its own, the slim, sleek, metal dop ring offers a secure one-handed grip and a sturdy kickstand. The dop ring is also compatible with magnetic phone mounts!

*dop does not suction to uneven or porous surfaces, such as wood, textured dashboards, or dry wall.

*dop ring does not adhere to Silicone or TPU phone cases. We don't recommend for leather cases as the adhesive can damage the leather.